#FrontièresWalls: An International Discussion on the  Refugee Crisis

Following the success of our pilot project in 2012, STORIES FOR HUMANITY was officially born in the fall of 2015 as an international participatory media, dedicated to leading truly inclusive and uncensored public discussions around major social issues. Our first discussion focused on the ongoing refugee crisis and inspired the participation of individuals, organizations, local electeds and businesses from around the world.

45 international participants from 20 countries across 5 continents helped create the first issue of the bi-annual STORIES magazine, a 192 page, full color, printed publication.

We also lead a 5 month-long discussion across social media & welcomed over 200 guests to a beautiful closing event at the Phi Center in Montreal, QC, Canada.

The #FrontièresWalls discussion notably featured the participation and support of Dr. Joanne Liu - International President of Doctors Without Borders, the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, the Quebec-based 25,000 Tuques Movement, the Canadian Red Cross, the McCord Museum and the CEO of Danby Corporation, Jim Estill.

Stories, photographs and QR links to complementary audio and video content come together in this moving, collaborative reflection on a difficult year in global migrations.

This first edition of the STORIES magazine is currently being offered to all new STORIES FOR HUMANITY members as a subscription bonus.

This is a project which aims to recognize the fundamental importance of four great values : empathy, connectivity, empowerment and storytelling.
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#FrontièresWalls Closing Event - March 10, 2016 @PhiCenter 

#FrontièresWalls Closing Event - March 10, 2016 @PhiCenter