You enter the world, say hello to first breathe
That deep gasp of air, hard hit to the chest

Confusing new sights, so much to take in
Awake and naive, let learning begin

The comfort of parents , who’s presence protects
Their endless affection , we some days neglect

The people we cross , a handful we trust
The friendships that last , the ones sadly lost

One look of a person , the heart rate sets peek
A warm rush of blood that colours your cheeks

Discomforting feelings take over your skin
Thats it , you’ve been hit ! Love found it’s way in

Diplomas, promotions , hard work for decades
What drives you will surely reward and repay

Stability sets in once you’ve travelled the world
Make way for a family , « it ’s a boy ! », « it’s a girl ! »

Long life is your gift , experience is your wealth
These endless simplicities , all determined by health